Here are a few shots of the shop’s metal work.

Door Gaps

Achieving ideal panel gap is often an oversight. I take care to ensure they’re in line.

944 Fender-Well Patch

Galvanized cars are still susceptible to rust!

914 Tail Panel

These photos show the progress of replacing a tail section on an early 914.

Early 912 Rocker End

When replacement panels are not available or viable, custom-formed patches need to be made. Ducktail Classics has the tools, materials, design expertise necessary to fabricate these unique pieces.


Snug-Fit Patches

Here’s a small patch on the inner fender of a longhood 912.

Floor replacement on Porsche 914.

Factory Steel

I like to keep as much usable factory steel as possible.

“Hell Hole” repair on a 914. Frame steel and battery tray.

Inner Frame

Seatbelt mount and inner frame refresh.

Windshield corner, parcel tray (911), 1/4 patch.

Quarter - Early 912

Window transition. Butt weld. The smoother the metal work now, the less body filler is used later.

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